Where to Mail Form 1040 for 2010

Which IRS mailing address you use depends on your state of residence, which tax form you are filing, and whether or not you are expecting a tax refund.

The IRS mailing address for form 1040 is subject to change each year (it may or may not,though), so taxpayers should make sure to review the tax filing instructions or visit irs.gov for guidance.

An easy way to figure out where to mail form 1040 for any year is to use the IRS's online tool created just for this purpose. Follow this link to get started:

Where to Mail Tax Returns - Addresses for Individual Taxpayers

Please note that this page is updated near the beginning of each tax season. So, look for it to display accurate information for 2010 tax returns in late 2010.

Read more about this online tool for checking IRS mailing addresses in the following article:
Where to Mail Federal Tax Returns Like Form 1040

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